Monday, 2 May 2016

A Big Day Out

Welp, it's been another snappy wildlife photography trip with my Dad - and what a story I have to tell you!

This time it was at Willen Lake, and it was very fun. I got to add another species of bird onto my sightings list: the Great Crested Grebe! To some this bird may seem so common that you may glance over it, but to me, it was very fascinating to watch. But, on the other hand, it was proving very difficult to photograph. Reeds, small waves, the diving habits of this bird and my shaky hands in panic were certainly not helping. I was frightened that I wouldn't get a photo of this amazing bird for a keepsake so I was constantly taking photos without much care for the outcome!

Something that is probably new to this blog is a species of fish I saw. It was the Carp. Let me tell you what happened.

Me and my Dad were at the Bird Feeding Point, chucking out some bread for some Greylag Geese  (unfortunately the bread serves no nutritional value for the birds, but if we were offering peas or lettuce to them I was certain sure we'd get a reputation as the weirdos who didn't know how to feed birds properly to other non-experienced bird feeders, so we went with bread) when I spotted something moving in the water, but it was not a diving bird. I realised instantly what it was and frantically pointed.

"Fish! Fish! Fish"
My Dad seemed confused. "What, where?"
"Over there, look!" I said, continuing to point.
"Oh - that's a carp! Good find," replied Dad, noticing it.

We observed it for a while until I heard what was probably the strangest noise I've heard in all the times I've watched nature.


I heard my Dad laugh slightly.

"What was that noise? Seriously, that sneezing sound?"
"That was the Carp. It's sucking up the bread."
"Sucking up the bread!"
"What? He has no teeth so he has to suck it up,"

That's when I saw the Carp once again pop up to the surface and - to my surprise - slurp up a chunk of bread like it was a string of spaghetti. I found this so entertaining that I burst into a fit of giggles!

More Carp came and slurped and sucked their way through the bread, and I must say it was very amusing!

We also saw some beautiful bluebells and buttercups as well as daisies and dandelions and a daisy-like flower which I didn't know the name of.


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