Sunday, 27 December 2015

My 2016 Wildlife Checklist

The following is a list of animals that I want to see during 2016, or any time, actually. If anything gets an 'x' next to it, it means I've seen it! Beware, this list may be huge! This list will ,mostly, consist of birds.

  • Avocet
  • Polecat
  • Three-spined stickleback (Spineless Si!)
  • Short-eared owl
  • Great tit [x]
  • Blue tit [x]
  • Long-tailed tit [x]
  • Curlew
  • Water vole
  • Harvest mouse
  • Badger
  • Bullfinch
  • Chaffinch [x]
  • Chiffchaff
  • Stoat
  • Grey seal
  • Common seal
  • Coal tit
  • Cuckoo
  • Crossbill
  • Crested tit
  • Turnstone
  • Dartford warbler
  • Dipper
  • Red squirrel
  • Dunnock [x]
  • Kestrel [x?]
  • Swift [x]
  • Swallow [x]
  • House martin
  • Peregrine falcon
  • Firecrest
  • Gannet
  • Goldfinch
  • Goldcrest [x]
  • Greater spotted woodpecker
  • Green woodpecker [x]
  • Marsh harrier
  • Hen harrier
  • Hobby
  • Honey buzzard
  • Hoopoe
  • Jackdaw [x]
  • Jay
  • Kingfisher
  • Kittiwake
  • Lapwing
  • Skylark
  • Woodlark
  • Mistle thrush
  • Nightingale
  • Nightjar
  • Nuthatch
  • Osprey
  • Oystercatcher
  • Puffin
  • Razorbill
  • Red kite [X]
  • Red-breasted merganser
  • Redshank
  • Reed bunting
  • Reed warbler
  • Sanderling
  • Siskin
  • Sparrowhawk
  • Tawny owl
  • Treecreeper
  • Turtle dove
  • Water rail
  • Willow tit
  • Wigeon
  • Woodcock
  • Wren
  • Yellow wagtail
  • Yellowhammer

I know this is a huge list, but because of it's size I have more of a chance of seeing a few.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I really hope you like it.
Before we begin, I would like to give a shout out to my two favourite blogs.
  1. (Owned by my dad)
Anyway...welcome to Wild British Blogger (which is me). I'm Keighly, I'm 11 years old, and I am a complete nerd when it comes to wildlife. I especially love British birds! I really hope you like it. Here are some of the things I plan to include on this blog:

  • Polls and questions
  • Places to spot wildlife in your local area
  • Stories of wildlife I've spotted
  • A checklist of the animals I've seen so far
  • Things you can do to help wildlife in your area
  • And lots more!
I've been inspired by the likes of BBC Wildlife magazine, Springwatch (and all it's spin-offs), David Attenborough, and my huge book that has only 111 of our 600 bird species in Britain alone! Wow!

As always, you can send me suggestions and constructive criticism about my blog at the bottom of the page. If you're looking for a certain post, check the blog archive! And I obviously any tips or ideas for posts I could make with open arms.

Enjoy the blog. See you in the next post!